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MERMEX 2010-2012


1. Guigue C., M. Tedetti, S. Giorgi, M. Goutx (2011), Occurrence and distribution of hydrocarbons in the surface microlayer and subsurface water from the urban coastal marine area off Marseilles, Northwestern Mediterranean Sea, Marine Pollution Bulletin, 62, 12, 2741-2752 2. MERMEX group (2011) Marine ecosystems’ responses to climatic and anthropogenic forcings in the Mediterranean. Progress in Oceanography, 91, 97–166. (premier papier le plus téléchargé sur le site de Progress in Oceanography depuis sa parution en Octobre 2011) 3. Tessier E., C. Garnier, J.U. Mullot, V. Lenoble, M. Arnaud, M. Raynaud, S. Mounier (2011) Study of the spatial and historical distribution of sediment inorganic contamination in the Toulon bay (France), Marine Pollution Bulletin, 62, 101, 2075-2086

Publications à comité de lecture

4. Pairaud I., N. Bensoussan, P. Garreau, V. Faure, J. Garrabou (submitted) Impacts of climate change on coastal benthic ecosystems : assessing potential risk of mortality outbreaks under thermal stress in the NW Mediterranean coastal areas. Ocean Dynamics 5. Cathalot, C., C. Rabouille, N. Tisnerat-Laborde, F. Toussaint, P. Kerhervé, R. Buscail, K. Loftis, M. Y. Sun, J. Tronczynski, S. Azoury, B. Lansard, C. Treignier, L. Pastor, and T. Tesi (in revision). The fate of river organic carbon in coastal areas : a study in the Rhone River delta using multiple isotopic (13C, 14C) and organic tracers, Geochimica Cosmochimica Acta. 6. Toussaint, F., N. Tisnerat-Laborde, C. Cathalot, R. Buscail, P. Kerhervé, and C. Rabouille (in revision), Density separation coupled with ∆14C and ∆13C traces the depositionnal processes of organic matter in the Rhone River delta (Gulf of Lions, France), Radiocarbon. 7. Puig. P., X. Durrieu de Madron, J. Salat, K. Schroeder, J. Martín, A.P Karageorgis, A. Palanques, F. Roullier, J.L Lopez-Jurado, M. Emelianov ; T. Moutin, L. Houpert (2013) Thick bottom nepheloid layers in the western Mediterranean generated by deep dense shelf water cascading. Progress in Oceanography (sous presse) 8. Martin J., X. Durrieu de Madron, P. Puig, F. Bourrin, A. Palanques, L. Houpert, M. Higueras, A. Sanchez-Vidal, A.M. Calafat, M. Canals, S. Heussner Sediment transport through Cap de Creus Canyon during the CASCADE cruise in March 2011. Biogeosciences (sous presse) 9. Durrieu de Madron X., L. Houpert, P. Puig, A. Sanchez-Vidal, P. Testor, A. Bosse, C. Estournel, S. Somot, F. Bourrin, M.N Bouin , M. Beauverger, L. Beguery, A. Calafat, M. Canals, C. Cassou, L. Coppola, D. Dausse, F. D’Ortenzio, J. Font, S. Heussner, S. Kunesch, D. Lefevre, H. Le Goff, J. Martín , L. Mortier, A. Palanques, P. Raimbault. Interaction of dense dense shelf water cascading and open-sea convection in the Northwestern Mediterranean during winter 2012. Geophysical Research Letters (sous presse) 10. Bourrin, F., Durrieu de Madron X.., Beguery, L., Kunesch, S. (In prep.). Sediment resuspension and fluxes estimated from glider during a typical winter storm (Gulf of Lions, NW Mediterranean), Journal of Marine Systems. 11. Ben Otthman H, Leboulanger C, Le Floc’h E, Mabrouk HH, Hlaili AS, Toxicity of benz(a)anthracene and fluoranthene to marine phytoplankton in culture : Does cell size really matter ? Journal of Hazardous Materials, 243, 204-211 12. Jean N., Dumont E., Durrieu G., Balliau T., Jamet J.-L., Personnic S., Garnier C. (2012) Protein expression from zooplankton communities in a metal contaminated NW mediterranean coastal ecosystem. Marine Environmental Research 80, 12-26. 13. Tedetti M., Longhitano R., Garcia N., Guigue G., Ferretto N., Goutx M. (2012) Fluorescence properties of dissolved organic matter in coastal Mediterranean waters influenced by a municipal sewage effluent (Bay of Marseilles, France). Environmental Chemistry, 2012, 9 : 438-449. 14. Oursel, B. Garnier C., Durrieu G., Mounier S., Omanović D., Lucas Y. (in press) Dynamic and fate of trace metals in coastal zone impacted by large urban area diffusive inputs : the case of Marseille (France). Marine Pollution Bulletin, in press

Conférences internationales

1 Bourrin F. , X. Durrieu de Madron, K. Mahiouz, L. Beguery, L. Houpert (2012) Sediment resuspension observed by an optical Slocum glider during a typical Mediterranean winter storm. Oral presentation, 2012 Ocean Science Meeting, Salt Lake City 2 Houpert L., P. Testor, X. Durrieu de Madron (2012) Thermohaline variability in the northwestern mediterranean basin over the recent period (2007-2011) from in-situ measurements. Poster, 2012 Ocean Science Meeting, Salt Lake City 3 Queguiner B., F. Carlotti, S. Blain, J.L. Devenon, M. Zhou, A. Doglioli, A. Petrenko, K. Leblanc, U. Christaki, F. Diaz (2011) SPEciMed : a multi–year survey program of Mediterranean pelagic coastal ecosystems in a context of global change, Poster, 2012 Ocean Science Meeting, Salt Lake City 4 Carlotti F., Z. Qiu, A. Doglioli, P. Marsaleix (2012) The influence of hydrodynamic processes on zooplankton transport and distributions in the north western Mediterranean sea estimated from a lagrangian model. Poster, 2012 Ocean Science Meeting, Salt Lake City