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Colloques et évènements des programmes

BIODIVMEX : Synthèse du Workshop à Malte, septembre 2014

International Workshop on Marine Biodiversity in Malta September 7th –September 16th 2014

came together to propose à Workshop on Mediterranean marine biodiversity in Malta. Lectures where given and the main part of the workshop was dedicated to field work either underwater (Maltese cave studies) or from the sea surface with the well-equipped EcoCean vessel MedEx (plankton analysis).

Les présentations et rapports du workshop sont maintenant disponibles en ligne sur le site de BIODIVMEX :


Rapport publié sur la newsletter intenationale Pages d’IGBP
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Mediterranean Holocene climate and human societies

Karin Holmgren, M.-A. Sicre, A. Gogou, E. Xoplaki and J. Luterbacher
Messinia, Greece, 23-25 April 2014

Abstract : Holocene climate reveals notable changes in the Mediterranean region (e.g. Finné et al. 2011 ; Roberts et al. 2011). The region also bears a long history of human society dynamics, making it a suitable site for exploring interactions between climate, environment and humans over a variety of time scales (e.g. Weiss 2012 ; Walsh 2013 ; Kaniewski et al. 2013). A workshop addressing these issues took place at the Navarino Environmental Observatory (NEO), Costa Navarino, Greece. Sixty-one participants from a total of 16 countries attended. They represented a range of disciplines, including history, archeology, paleoclimatology, hydrology and modeling.